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2017 Football Parking Information

  1. All fans interested in football season parking must purchase a parking pass when renewing their season tickets. The only way to receive a parking pass is to purchase it.

  2. Once a parking pass is purchased, please rank your lot preferences 1-5 with one (1) being the most desired location and five (5) being the least desired. Parking will be allocated based on the availability of your most desirable parking lot preference.
    1. If no preferences are indicated, you will be assigned to the best available lot.
    2. Lot availability changes annually based on demand and requested locations cannot be guaranteed.
    3. A copy of the parking map can be found on the Football page.
  1. Season parking passes will be allocated by Wildcat Fund Tiers.
    1. Tier giving thresholds are defined by gifts made to the Wildcat Excellence Fund, which is unrestricted support for Northwestern Athletics. Please note that donations to NGN, Pound the Rock (PTR), etc. DO NOT count toward Tier requirements, but do earn additional Purple Points.
    2. The deadline to make your gift to the Wildcat Fund is June 1, 2017. Gifts made between June 1, 2016 and June 1, 2017 will count for football parking allocation. Make your gift online or by calling 847-467-4321.
    3. You must activate your Purple Points with a minimum $100 gift between June 1, 2016 and June 1, 2017.

  2. Parking Pass Allocation
    1. Tier 1: $6,000+
      1. Parking passes will be allocated to donors who qualify in Tier 1 first. To qualify for Tier 1 a donor must give $6,000+ to the Wildcat Excellence Fund.
    2. Tier 2: $2,500-$5,999
      1. After donors in Tier 1 are assigned parking, donors in Tier 2 will be allocated passes based on availability.
    3. Tier 3: $600-$2,499
      1. Once all donors in Tier 2 are assigned parking, donors in Tier 3 will be allocated passes based on availability.
    4. Donors will be prioritized in each Tier by Purple Points to equitably distribute passes. For more information on the Purple Point system, please see the chart below. 2017 Purple Point Statements are available online in your season ticket holder account.
Please contact your Account Executive with
any questions at 888-GO-PURPLE

The Purple Points system

Factor Points Increments
Wildcat Excellence Fund current year 5 $100
Cumulative giving to Athletics since 1975 4 $100
Designated athletics fund current year 3 $100
Consecutive years as a season ticket holder 3 per year
Consecutive years of giving to Athletics 3 per year
One time bonus
Letterwinner 50
Alumnus 30
Combined lifetime contributions to Northwestern University in excess of $1,000,000 30
Faculty/Staff Member 20
One Time Season Ticket Holder Bonuses
20 consecutive years of purchase 200
15 consecutive years of purchase 100
10 consecutive years of purchase 50
5 consecutive years of purchase 25

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