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Wildcat women have been changing the world for 150 years.

Generations of doctors, lawyers, moms, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, consultants, engineers, musicians, and journalists have discovered their passions at Northwestern and gone on to make our world a better place.

Our female student-athletes truly stand out as remarkable members of the Northwestern community. For the past several decades, these exceptional women have taken the core values they learned as Wildcats – hard work, integrity, excellence, family, and loyalty – and translated them into practice after graduation.

We are proud to announce a new giving program for women’s athletics at Northwestern – Champions for Wildcat Women. The purpose of this initiative is to increase fundraising support for our women’s varsity programs, empower our female student-athletes, and celebrate the incredible advocates of women’s athletics within the Northwestern family.

By investing in our women’s varsity programs, you will propel our female student-athletes to even greater heights.

Make your gift today and declare that you are a champion for Wildcat Women.


Anyone who makes a gift of $100 or more to a women’s varsity program will become a member
Female former student-athletes who contribute $100 or more to the Wildcat Excellence Fund will also activate their memberships
  • Willie the Wildcat, longtime season ticket holder, makes a $250 gift to field hockey.
    Willie is a Champion for Wildcat Women.
  • Sarah Smith, former lacrosse student-athlete, makes a $100 gift to the Wildcat Excellence Fund.
    Sarah is a Champion for Wildcat Women.
  • Joe and Kate Jones, whose granddaughter is on the women’s tennis team, make a $6,000 gift to women’s tennis.
    Joe and Kate are Champions for Wildcat Women.
  • Ryan Williams, former football student-athlete, makes a $1,000 gift to the Wildcat Excellence Fund and $1,000 gift to football.
    Ryan is a member of the Wildcat Fund, but he is not a Champion for Wildcat Women.

Become a member today!

Every Gift Matters

Your gift to support any women's varsity sport program makes a significant impact:

As of 2019, private contributions to men’s varsity programs substantially exceed those for women’s programs
Each sport has a finite annual budget; however, there is no limit on fundraised dollars
Coaches rely on donor support to improve the world-class experience we promise to every student-athlete

“Through this initiative, we will increase the fundraising for women’s varsity sports programs, and thereby continue to expand participation of young girls in youth sports and their dreams of how far they can go, while simultaneously providing Wildcat women with the opportunity to compete and grow as athletes and future leaders. This program is truly a celebration of the past, present and future advocates of women’s athletics within the Northwestern family.”

-Wendy Nelson '91, '99 MBA, Trustee

“Donor support immediately impacted my day-to-day as a student athlete by cultivating the world class experience we were constantly striving for. We were surrounded by individuals whose sole job was to make our lives easier, and it was all due to direct funding from donors and the Wildcat Fund. I was able to get one of the best degrees in the country, compete against the best of the best athletically, secure the start to a successful professional career, and surround myself every single day with individuals who pushed me to be my best self in every aspect of life, and I cannot thank Northwestern Athletics enough for it all, and for giving me the best and most transformative four years of my life.”

-Sammy Nettling '18

“The Wildcat Fund has impacted my Northwestern experience in ways that I never would’ve imagined. It has contributed to my development as more than just a student-athlete. I’ve grown tremendously through programs like NU for Life and the King NU PRIDE Program, as well as summer school opportunities on campus and abroad, made possible by funding through the athletics department. The strength of support coming from all contributors to the Wildcat Fund has helped me in numerous ways, and I know that I will leave Northwestern with a unique and valuable experience that will propel me through my future endeavors.”

-Christen Conley '21

Make your gift today and
be a champion for Wildcat Women.