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Every dollar generated by Northwestern Athletics is invested into NU’s nearly 500 student-athletes and 19 programs. Northwestern currently has the smallest operating budget in the Big Ten and was the only program in the conference that did not require a donation to park adjacent to the football stadium until the 2014 season. The financial strength of our department has a direct impact on the success of our programs and by providing additional support for our student-athletes and coaches, you are giving them the tools to succeed academically, socially and athletically.
Donors can request season parking passes in the following locations: East Lot, West Lot, North Golf Lot, South Golf Lot, Central Golf Lot, Covered Lot or Season accessible parking. Please note that tailgating is permitted in all lots with the exception of the Covered Lot. A parking map can be found HERE.
Parking passes will be allocated to donors who qualify in Tier 1 first. To qualify for Tier 1, a donor must give $6,000+ to the Wildcat Excellence Fund or Seating - Athletics. Donors in Tier 1 will be sorted by their Purple Points and parking will be allocated by starting with the highest point values. The same process will follow for Tier 2 ($2,500 - $5,999 to Wildcat Excellence Fund or Seating - Athletics) and Tier 3 ($600 - $2,499 to Wildcat Excellence Fund or Seating - Athletics) until all parking spaces have been allocated.
Yes, this parking allocation includes the East and West Lots, the golf course lots, the covered hospital garage and season accessible parking.
If all donors in Tiers 1-3 have been assigned parking and spaces are still available, donors who have given $100 - $599 will be prioritized by Purple Points and the remaining spaces will be assigned in that order. You must be an active donor to get parking in the golf lots.
Yes! Until a $100 contribution is made to the Wildcat Fund, your points remain dormant. Once you donate $100 or more, your full history will be restored and your Purple Points are activated.
It is not possible to determine the donation amount needed for each parking area. Since parking is assigned according to annual contribution level and donor preference, two factors that vary from year to year, the gift amount for a specific area is likely to change annually. Donors at the $6,000+ level (Tier 1) are guaranteed a season parking pass for the 2019 football season. In 2019, all Tier 2 donors who purchased parking by the season ticket renewal deadline were able to park in either the East or West lot.
Yes, all fans interested in football season ticket parking must purchase a pass when renewing their season tickets. Stadium Club season ticket holders will receive a reserved West lot pass as part of their ticket price.
Stadium Club season ticket holders receive one (1) complimentary parking pass that is included in the price of their season ticket package.
Season ticket holders wishing to purchase two (2) parking passes must meet one of two criteria: Donors in Tier 1 (a $6,000+ gift to the Wildcat Excellence Fund or Seating - Athletics) are able to purchase two (2) passes OR season ticket holders who purchase six (6) or more season tickets are eligible to purchase two (2) season parking passes. Both passes will be distributed based on Tier and Purple Points.
No, only giving to the Wildcat Excellence Fund or Seating - Athletics counts toward your Tier.
No, only giving to the Wildcat Excellence Fund or Seating - Athletics counts toward your Tier.
All fans will receive parking based on the Tier system regardless of the number of years they have had season tickets. However, longtime season ticket holders will receive Purple Point bonuses according to the Wildcat Fund Purple Point system that will help their position within their Tier.

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