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Purple Points

The Purple Points system is designed to recognize Wildcat Fund members who have demonstrated their loyalty through season ticket purchases and contributions. The point system ensures benefits such as parking and special events are allocated in a way that rewards our most dedicated supporters.

Factor Points Increments
Consecutive years as a season ticket holder 10 per year
Wildcat Excellence Fund (or Seating - Athletics) current year 5 $100
Cumulative giving to the Wildcat Fund since 1975 4 $100
Designated sport fund current year 3 $100
Consecutive years of giving to the Wildcat Fund 3 per year
One time bonus
Letterwinner 50
Alumnus 30
Faculty/Staff Member 20
One Time Season Ticket Holder Bonuses
20 consecutive years of purchase 200
15 consecutive years of purchase 100
10 consecutive years of purchase 50
5 consecutive years of purchase 25


Willie Wildcat (WCAS ’95) has been a Wildcat Fund member for five consecutive years and plans on giving $1,000 this year. He will give $600 to the Wildcat Excellence Fund to be eligible for football parking and $400 to the men’s tennis program, his former team. Including his current year gift, he has given $10,000 to the Wildcat Fund in his lifetime. Willie has also been a football season ticket holder for 18 years.

Willie’s Purple Point total:
Point Earning Criteria Amount/Years Given Point Allocation Points Earned
Consecutive years as a season ticket holder 18 years 10 per year 180
Wildcat Excellence Fund, current year $600 5 per $100 30
Cumulative giving to athletics since 1975 $10,000 4 per $100 400
Designated athletics fund, current year $400 3 per $100 12
Consecutive years of giving to Athletics 5 years 3 per year 15
Letterwinner one-time bonus 50 points 50
Alumnus one-time bonus 30 points 30
Season ticket holder one-time bonus 18 consecutive years 175
Total Purple Points 892