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The Otto Graham Society is a prestigious and distinguished group that represents the highest level of annual giving dedicated to supporting student-athletes at Northwestern University. Named after the legendary quarterback Otto Graham, who achieved remarkable success both on and off the field, this society embodies a commitment to excellence, leadership, and the holistic development of student-athletes.

Otto Graham Mission

The primary mission of the Otto Graham Society is to serve as a driving force behind leadership annual giving initiatives that empower Northwestern's student-athletes to excel not only in their respective sports but also in all facets of their lives. It stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Otto Graham himself and the belief that through collective support and investment, student-athletes can achieve greatness in their athletic pursuits while developing the skills and character traits needed to succeed in life.

Members on football sideline

Membership Levels & Benefits

One Year Commitment*

$25,000 Benefits

100% is allocated to Seating-Athletics Fund and/or the Wildcat Fund

Exclusive OGS Gear Item (one item)

Public Recognition - On field/ Court

OGS weekend - 1 time invite

*The one-year level is only valid for a single year. For Otto Graham status to continue, a five-year commitment must be pledged following the single year commitment.

Five Year Commitment

$125,000 Benefits

$25,000 per year

Includes all benefits from one year commitment and Wildcat Fund Benefits

Invitation to travel with team (once per 5 years)

Periodic, Exclusive OGS Under Armour Gear Box and custom team gear

Public Recognition: Video board recognition in Walter Athletics Center, Welsh-Ryan Arena, and new Ryan Field as well as in game opportunities

Special event invitations and ticket access to post season games

$250,000 Benefits

$50,000 per year

Includes all benefits from previous levels
Exclusive behind the scenes look at athletic event or team practice
Opportunity to foster a relationship with a specific student-athlete through the student-athlete partnership program

At least $15,000 (or $30,000 for second tier) of the contribution will be allocated to Seating-Athletics Fund and/or the Wildcat Fund, while the remaining commitment may be designated to a sport enhancement fund (s). Memberships are paid over 5 years.


In the 10 years since launching, the Otto Graham Society and its members have contributed to enriching the lives of 1,500+ student athletes



  • Consists of 5 academic advisors and 1 learning strategist/ study skills coordinator
  • Provide access to about 60 tutors specializing in a wide variety of subject areas
  • 45% of our student-athletes met with at least one tutor during the 22-23 academic year
  • Advising staff meets weekly with all first-year students to assist in college readiness and acclimation
  • Spring 2023 was our best academic performance on record, with an athletic department GPA of 3.484

Sports Psychology

  • 4 sport psychologists, 1 psychiatrist, 1 mental performance consultant, 1 postdoctoral fellow, and 1 program assistant
  • All 19 varsity teams work with a sport psychologist
  • 50% of our student-athletes access individual sport psychology services each year
  • Staff train student-athletes and staff annually in mental health and suicide prevention


  • 3 full-time sports dietitians and 1 Nutrition Operations Coordinator, 3 part-time dietitians, and 1 performance dietitian position within Levy
  • Conduct 600 formal nutrition assessments and 175 dietary supplement reviews each year
  • Create a monthly educational newsletter for our student-athletes
  • In collaboration with Levy, performance nutrition conducts monthly cooking classes and demonstrations for our student-athletes

Sports Performance

  • 7 Olympic Sports Performance Coaches including an Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Performance and a Director for Olympic Sports Performance
  • In 2022-23, 612 student-athletes were trained by our staff
  • Olympic Sports Performance staff uses technology to enhance and monitor the training and recovery for each Northwestern Student-Athlete. Some pieces of technology include: Force Plates, GPS units, Heart Rate units, Velocity Based Training devices, Athlete management systems
  • Olympic Sports Performance staff have been a part of multiple National and Big Ten Championships. They have also been instrumental in the development of multiple athletes who have gone on to compete professionally in the NBA, WNBA, MLB, NFL, and MLS among others

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