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Season Tickets
& Parking

Season Tickets
& Parking

2023 Football Season Ticket Holders will receive the first opportunity to purchase season tickets in the lakeside venue. More information on seat selection process, timeline, seating options, and parking will be communicated directly to 2023 football season ticket holders in the coming weeks.

If you were not a 2023 Football Season Ticket Holder, please join our Waitlist here. Any remaining inventory will be made available to those on the waitlist with priority given to Wildcat Fund members.


2023-24 Northwestern Men's Basketball season tickets are now available. For more information, visit or call 888-467-8775

Section Contribution Per Ticket Ticket Price
COURTSIDE $3,000 ($12,500 MINIMUM**) $1,900*
WILSON CLUB $1,500 ($6,000 MINIMUM**) $1,800*
LEVEL 1 $750 $570
LEVEL 2 $350 $570
LEVEL 3 $200 $570
LEVEL 4 $100 $430

Men's Basketball Parking

General Season Parking

Welsh-Ryan Arena provides an excellent parking opportunity for season ticket holders. With the lot located on the West of the arena, Northwestern Basketball season tickets holders can secure a season parking pass for $170.

Single game parking is limited based on inventory remaining after season passes are sold and costs $20 per game.

Wilson Club Season Parking

A reserved section at the center of the West Lot, across from Walker Way, is held for season ticket holders with access to the Wilson Club. Season parking for Wilson Club members is $170. The location offers quick access to the Wilson Club arena entrance on the Southwest corner of Welsh-Ryan Arena.


More information on season tickets for additional sports including women's basketball, lacrosse and softball can be found here.

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